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Protecting Your Property From Harsh Weather

When harsh weather impacts a property, the damages can be catastrophic. Without erosion protection, many property owners are in danger of taking a loss on their estate's value. With LA County Sandbags, you never have to worry about any of that. We are a sandbag supplier company that proudly offers services throughout California. Whether you need sandbags, silt fencing, or other erosion control products, you can count on us to take care of your needs at an affordable cost. In addition to our products, we have highly-trained installation teams available.

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Goods and Services

Sandbags Sandbags
Protect your property from harsh weather conditions with some erosion-controlled sandbags from LA County Sandbags. Throughout Torrance, California, we offer businesses and residents sandbag services and products. We understand the importance of keeping your property maintained, which is why we provide our convenient services to the community.
Sandbag Filling Sandbag Filling
Whether you need a large or small order filled, you can count on our fleet of trucks to provide same-day services. Palletized bags are available depending upon order quantities and customers' capability to unload the pallets. We maintain a substantial supply of filled bags in our yard to meet immediate orders. With our large production capacity, we are able to quickly replenish stock. We strive to ensure our customers are always getting the bags they need, when they need them.
Sandbag Materials Sandbag Materials
Empty Sandbags Each empty bag is 14" by 26" and has a standard of 1,600 to 2,000 hours of UV protection from the deteriorating rays of the sun. Our standard colors are dark green and beige. The dark green is ideal for a bird's eye view. Other color options are available upon request.
Landscape Products Landscape Products
Landscape Products Compost | Top Soil | Planter Mix | DG | Decorative Bark | Baseball Infield Mix | Marathon Product Dealer
Rock Products from Construction Site Rock Products
Rock Products Birdseye | Pea Gravel | 3/8" Crushed | 3/4" Crushed | Decomposed Granite
Construction Site Materials Construction Site Materials
Construction Site Materials Washed Plaster | Fill Dirt | Fill Sand | Crushed Recycle Base | SE 30 Sand | #20 Silica Sand | #30 Silica Sand Supporting Products • Rumble (mud) Plates 10' by 8' • Sandbags • Silt Fences • Stabilized Construction Entrance • High-Tensile Strength Sandbags (can withstand traffic) • Gravel Bags• Burlap Bags • Filter Fabric • Hay Bales • Construction Fence • Privacy Fence • Plastic Sheeting • Jute Netting • Straw Wattle
Silt Fence Silt Fencing
The standard silt fence is 3' by 100' of construction-grade material, which is commonly used in several industries. Installation services are provided in accordance with efficient management practices.  We offer black or orange, but can custom order other colors if desired. In addition to our products, we have highly trained installation teams and equipment that are usually available on a one to two day notice.

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About Us

When the weather becomes unfavorable, you can count on LA County Sandbags to keep your property protected from the effects of erosion. Based in Torrance, California, we are a sandbag supplier company that offers services and installation of our products. Our production capacity is virtually unlimited, which allows us to supply the largest development sites with sandbags and other erosion control products.

Our company started after coming from a construction background. There were not any companies out there that were offering a sandbag service that did it all. Realizing that there was a need for our services in the community, we opened up shop and have loved it ever since. We've dedicated to exceed our customers' needs, and provide the sturdiest and most durable products available.

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